Eileen + Junnel || The Hangover || Same Day Edit Film

It’s finally here! After having to keep this video locked up away from the eyes of everyone for the past couple of months, the cinema team is happy to unveil our latest concept video-SDE mashup. We celebrated Junnel and Eileen’s big day this past weekend and we’re here to share with you the best and memorable parts of their day. Junnel and Eileen have been through some crazy situations with each other, all of which led up to April 12, 2014, and those situations made for a great day to share stories and connect with all the important people in their lives.

We had a hootin’ time filming their concept video, based on the blockbuster film The Hangover, and have been waiting endlessly to finally put the final piece of the cinematic film together, their wedding day. You’ll notice some familiar faces and places when you watch it. Some good acting and enthusiasm from this tightly knit group of friends and family made for something that everyone can look back on years from now and remember what brought them all together on that beautiful Saturday. Enjoy the film and we hope that all the best kinds of emotions hit you within 7 minutes and 42 seconds.

Special thanks to Mendrick Leelin, owner of Yojie restaurant in Diamond Bar, home to the best shabu shabu you can find, for allowing us to film our concept video in!

Junnel & Eileen Same Day Edit Concept Wedding Film from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Connie + Abe || 50th Wedding Anniversary Highlight Film || The Reef, Long Beach

Having the opportunity to watch a couple step into their golden year together is a rare moment to experience.  Connie and Abe celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together last week and have so much for all the hard work and love they’ve put in together over the years.  From grandchildren to the number of graduations they’ve seen, these two have personally touched my heart as I was there that night watching the slideshow that was put together.  The slideshow was a timeline that showcased their relationship from the beginning to the present and it made me realize what a beautiful thing it is to have when you have someone else to share your life moments with, knowing that you’ve found someone out of all the people here on this planet to create memories with.

Everyone that has touched or been touched by our golden couple over the years was attending, from the original best man to the new generations of their bloodline.  We enjoyed watching the two dance the night away and see the history they’ve created and put their name on in the 50 years of being together.  Here’s the cinematic version of their night!

Connie + Abe – 50th Anniversary from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Kathleen + Kevin || Same Day Wedding Highlight Film || Asian Pearl

We headed up to San Francisco this Valentine’s Day weekend to celebrate the wedding of Kathleen and Kevin.  The story of two people that started when they were both at the right place at the right time started a new chapter as they tied the knot in front of a large group of family and friends.  The team and I had fun with this video, not only because Kathleen and Kevin were a great couple to capture to film, but because of how deep and cinematically involved we indulged ourselves in with this video.  We found some tricks up our sleeves to make this video as unique to our couple as possible.  Relive their entire weekend AND their beginning with us in their concept-highlight video mashup.

Kathleen + Kevin Same Day Edit Concept Highlight Film from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Lynn Nguy - February 20, 2014 - 3:02 am

Great job. It was a beautiful wedding <3

Aida Abrenica - February 20, 2014 - 6:27 am

Love it!

Anchell Jocelyn Lach-Le - February 20, 2014 - 7:26 am


Prescy Felaire Abrenica - February 20, 2014 - 9:39 pm

Love it!

Nicole Abrenica - June 8, 2014 - 5:06 pm


Kim + Josh || Same Day Wedding Highlight Film || Mon Amour Banquet Hall

It’s currently 1:34 in the morning, 3 hours since leaving Kim and Josh’s wedding, probably not the best time to be writing a blog post right now, but I’m currently still in that wedding high we get and it’s just a great mood to be in when writing one.  I had met Kim and Josh on their engagement shoot way back last year where we filled a small concept video, which makes up the first part of their same day edit, so I’ve had their files sitting in my computer for a long time, just waiting to be put together.  Today, while I wasn’t exactly active in filming too much of the day’s activities, I essentially lived it through the individual files my team was giving to me on their memory cards as they day went on.  Meeting them for the first time, my first impressions were that they were both energetic, easy to break the ice with, and even though they say they aren’t great in front of the camera, they were so perfect and naturally….. in love with each other!  The emotions and smiles you’re going to see in their videos are 100% genuine.

20 minutes to debuting their same day edit, I’m sitting in the 4×6 closet space they’ve given me to edit in and as I’ve watched the video again, giving it one last check through, in my head I worried if this video would be good enough for Kim and Josh.  I was worried if this video would live up to their expectations because everything else leading up to this hour was incredible and beautiful so their SDE had to be of the same quality if not better!  As we pressed play and let the video roll on, the laughter and tears and hollering within the crowd accompanied by Josh’s fist high in air as the scene of him and Kim having their first kiss as husband and wife definitely got rid of all my worries.  I couldn’t be happier with my team yesterday as they did a fantastic job, and I couldn’t be happier that Kim and Josh had chosen to go with us as their videographers.  Thank you two so much for having us out for your beautiful day, we loved your venues, we loved your enthusiasm, and we loved partying with you and everyone else!

Kim + Josh Wedding Same Day Highlight Film from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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CherLyn Mae + John Bryant || Wedding Highlight Film || The Turnip Rose Celebrations

CherLyn changed her last name from Farol to Andres last week in one of the most heart touching weddings I’ve been to yet. They rang in (I get to use the word rang because they literally rang a bell) their wedding day with a beautiful ceremony at the charming Mariners Church in Irvine, where for the first time since I’ve been in this industry I’ve seen a groom take a selfie picture of himself to capture his expression as his wife walked down the aisle. I met JB and CherLyn for the first time on their wedding day and immediately fell in love with them. JB was smiling the entire day and CherLyn, looking like she was having the time of her life, made getting happy footage easy. Celebrations by Turnip Rose hosted their reception which gave a more nightclub setting feeling contrary to the usual banquet hall look you usually see at weddings. They really took care of their guests as there were so many activities for them to do. So for you upcoming brides and grooms, let the idea of an ice cream bar swim a little in your head. Thank you CherLyn and JB for letting us join in on your festivities, I hope you and everyone else enjoys your highlight video!

Cherlyn Mae + JB Wedding Highlight Film from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Lisa + Dan || Wedding Highlight Film || Richard Nixon Library

Whenever we hear of a Republican and Democrat being anywhere near one another, we usually joke that there is only fighting words being spoken between each other, but on Friday, January 24, 2014, one Republican and one Democrat decided to play nice with each other. Matter of fact, they decided to tie the knot together! Lisa and Dan this weekend invited us for a front row seat of their emotional roller coaster of a day. Dan wasn’t allowed to get a look at his bride until the doors would open to reveal her at the ceremony and I believe we captured his excitement and anticipation pretty well! The Richard Nixon Library was their venue for their reception, as Lisa loves the world of politics so much, and it was beautiful beyond words. We’ve been waiting to shoot at the Nixon Library for a while now so when Lisa gave us the call that they’d be having their wedding here, we just couldn’t wait for this day to come. Our team had a great time putting this video together for you all, so thanks Lisa and Dan for having us out for your wedding, we love you guys and hope you enjoy your married life!

Lisa + Dan || Wedding Highlight from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Nicole + Gary || Wedding Highlight Film || Robinson Ranch Golf Club

It was the team’s first time at the Robinson Ranch Golf Club where Nicole and Gary finally tied the knot.  We were among family and close friends as we watched our couple light their candle together at their ceremony and dance their first dance as husband and wife.  Nicole and Gary’s genuine love for each other brought out some of the most natural emotions I’ve ever seen from two people, which made it so easy to capture the happy moments during their day.  As their videography team, we couldn’t have asked for better weather that day; we hope that their video proves how amazing Winter in California can be.  Thank you Nicole and Gary for inviting us out for your wedding day. Enjoy your video!

Nicole + Gary Highlight from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Annie + Michael || Wedding Highlight Film || Franciscan Gardens

We hit the streets of beautiful San Juan Capistrano for our last videography wedding of our season and we couldn’t have chosen a better couple for it than Michael and Annie, the new Mr. and Mrs. Aung! Everyone, from the bridal party to the guests, were so chill but energetic at the same time that it made it easy for us to get our job done. There was not a dry eye in the gardens when they had their first look, and not one face that wasn’t smiling during their beautifully choreographed first dance. Annie and Michael definitely knew how to make their wedding entertaining for us and their guests. We hope that our highlight video of their day can bring a smile or two out of you as you watch it. Thank you for having us out for your special day Annie and Michael, enjoy the married life!

Annie + Michael Highlight from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Stacey + Justin || Same Day Edit || Los Angeles Athletic Club

If there is any two people in the world who could outshine the bright city lights of Los Angeles, it’s Stacey and Justin. This beautiful couple held their wedding at the iconic Los Angeles Athletic Club where they made their presence from the ballroom to the LA skyline on the rooftop. The most awesome part of their day for us had to be their same day edit (SDE) produced by our videography team. It was our first official SDE, but definitely not our last. The venue and coordinator, Nam Lam from Modern LA weddings, was so versatile and beautiful that along with our couple’s natural good looks, we couldn’t have gotten anything but perfect shots. We’re most lucky to have Stacey and Justin be our couple for this past weekend, as their energy from the start of their morning to their dance routine after their grand entrance has set the bar high! Thank you two for having us out, Glenn, Dominique, Thien, and I couldn’t have asked for a better gathering this week!

Venue: Los Angeles Atheletic Club
Coordinator: Nam Lam
Photography: Justin Element Team – Justin, Earl, Gaby
music licensed by song freedom

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Stephanie + Neil || Wedding Highlight Film || Rancho Cucamonga

My team and I were very lucky to have been able to be at Stephanie and Neil’s wedding the past week. We, along with all the family and friends gathered together, got to see two people very in love with each other finally get married! There was a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the entire day, from everyone relaxing in the morning, to seeing Steph and Neil kiss for the first time as a married couple, the whole team and I were fortunate and happy to personally be witnesses as well as their videographers. Here’s their highlight video filled with the best parts of their day; I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Thanks so much for having us out Stephanie and Neil, enjoy your married life together!

Steph + Neil Highlight from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Brittany + Lee || Wedding Highlight Film || Orange, CA

Both our photography and videography team headed back to the ever so beautiful Santiago Canyon Mansion for Brittany and Lee’s wedding. With good music from beginning to end, it was like a party for us as much as it was for them. If there’s one thing I could say about their wedding day it’s that it was constantly full of surprises, and that’s absolutely what we love capturing. We’ve got more pictures coming your way so don’t worry, this isn’t the last that you’ll see of Brittany and Lee!

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Jodie + Zack || Wedding Highlight Film || Laguna Hills

Going into Zack and Jodie’s wedding, you’d think that you had just accidentally walked into a Sanrio store with all of the Hello Kitty decor around. By the end of the night, it felt like we had just lived through a real life live action film of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel’s wedding. Everything from getting ready to the reception took place in the ballroom at The Hills Hotel, where the bridal party braved the heat and Zack’s younger brother shed some tears. It was a pleasure for our team to finally see Zack and Jodie take a break from school and work to party the night away last week. Thanks for inviting us out you two, we hope you didn’t sweat too much on your honeymoon, and enjoy the video!

Jodie + Zack final from Justin Element on Vimeo.

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Carissa + Michael || Married || Highlight Video

Tears and laughter filled the crowd during Carissa Rae and Michael’s vows to each other last week. Maybe that’s what you get when you put two artistic people together, maybe that’s what you get when you put two people who are in love with one another as much as they are together. In one day, I was personally able to witness that there are indeed two people out there in the world who fit so perfectly together. As they day progressed and we moved from the getting ready part of the day, to the ceremony, to the reception, I couldn’t help but feel as if I were in the show “How I Met Your Mother”. Everyone that I had encountered, friends, family, and neighbors, had something to tell me about them, and I followed their story to where they are now. All that running around in a grocery store paid off Michael! Come and relive their special day with us one more time through this video!

Film Team:
Kevin Truong
Justin Element
Glenn Clancy
Dominique Zamora
Gaby Manalo

Photo Team:
Justin Element
Earl Buenaobra

Edited by:
Kevin Truong

Today marks the official release of our cinematography services at JustinElement Productions. We’ve spent the last year practicing, tweaking, spending, and growing to create something incredible, memorable, creative, artistic, and unique to share with all of you. We’d love to get the ball rolling and we have already booked a handful of couples for photo and video coverage combined, please shoot us an email or a message via contact page and book our team today. Thanks again for coming along with us through our journey of photography, we’re excited to step into new adventures and new love stories with you as the years come. Enjoy!


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